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Our mission

We aim to resolve food crisis and environmental issues, and conseuquently contribute to society.

Solutions to Food Crisis

The sharp increase in world population and serious food shortage caused by global warming are both social problems that can no longer be ignored.

It may be a little diffucult to imagine for people living in developed countries such as Japan when listening to food shortage. However, we need to take it seriously.

In the combination of the digestion/enzymatic degradation ability of our special fly larvae and waste, it is possible to grow nutritious and extremely high quality products such as crops, fish, etc..

In addition, waste from the food produced by MUSCA system and livestock can also be reused by combining them with the eggs of fly again, from which new organic fertilizers and feeds can permanently be reproduced.

With this circulation system, it is obvious that we will be able to supplement food shortage of human beings far more efficiently than before.

Measures Against Environmental Problems

Traditional MUSCA System
Time Taken for Composting 2-3 months 1 week
Generation of Fermentation Gas a lot little
Bad Smell Yes none
Groundwater Pollution Yes none
Release of Nitrogen Yes none
Influence of Outside Temperature Yes none

MUSCA system is not only effective for solving food problems and revitalizing regional economies, it also serves as one of the effective solutions to environmental issues that have been underlying over a long period of time.

Conventionally, when composting waste, some matierials can be generated, which are methane gas, nitrous oxide, ammonia and so on. Methane gas and nitrous oxide can cause the deterioration of the greenhouse effect, and ammonia can cause acid rain and foul odor. In addition, those materials can also briing about malodors and groundwater. Therefore, it is the fact that there has been plenty of people that regards compasting as a problem inducing environmental degradation. Those concerns have long hindered the development of composting technology. However, the appearance of MUSCA system has finally solved those problems in a stroke.



"The company that supports food infrastructure with technology and philosophy." This is the philosophy that we have ever had. We continue experiencing rapid development and population growth, and this situation will go on for more years. Although our life are full of useful things and services, the food aspect is unexpectedly deprived. Food crisis on a global scale is surely ensured in the near future. On the other hand, It is the reality that human beings are receiving a part of nature and co-living with nature. What it means is however technology evolves, it is practically impossible for us to make it without nature. MUSCA Inc. manufactures organic fertilizer and feed and aims to contribute to food production, and quality improvement in food. I am convinced that our technology which we have been researching and developing for long can definitely be helpful to the development and evolution of all human beings. I will work with seriousness, honesty, indomitable spirit so that I can serve society. Please expect from Musca Inc. that will continue to challenge boldly.

Chairperson Profile

Born in Miyazaki city in 1976. After graduating from the Miyakonojo National College of Technology High School, Electrical Information Division, he got a job at Chubu Electric Power. After that, he met Kazutoshi Kobayashi, who is his former teacher, and started working for his company, field Inc. Kushima was engaged in plenty of Russia-related technical projects and product development. He absorbed in-depth knowledge in various fields, accumulated experience, and founded ABIES Co.,LTD. He took over some projects of field Inc. and continued additional research and development on Musca Domestica. After his long-term efforts, he found Musca inc for further development. MUSCA Inc. works on solving food security problems on a global scale.

Company Profile

Company Name Musca Inc.
Representative Chairperson : Mitsutaka Kushima
iCEO : Ayano Ryugo
Business Contents Research, planning development, manufacturing, sales, promotion etc. of organic fertilizer and feed using livestock manure urine
Location 1-12-17, Hakataeki-higashi, Hakata, Fukuoka
Tokyo Office Tosho Bld. 8F, 3-8-3, Nihombashi-honcho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
MUSCA Institute 7650-1, Kawakita, Tono-tyou, Koyu-gun, Miyazaki


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