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MUSCA product

MUSCA product can be one of the concrete solutions to save the world food crisis. We are planning to sell these products and ahip samples to individual customers and companies soon. Collaborative research with two Japanese universities has already proven that it has remarkable effects in various industries such as agriculture, livestock, poultry farming and aquaculture.

For individual customers

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MUSCA organic fertilizer

It is particularly noteworthy that MUSCA organic fertilizer can bring good influence on both crops and soil. As for crops, it is demonstrated the increase in sugar content, harvest volume, growth promotion, prevention of pest occurrence and more.

When you use our fertilizer, soil will become fluffy, and the balance of microorganisms will be kept optimally. In addition, our organic fertilizer can suppress the pathogens of soil as it has antimicrobial properties.

Besides, by using MUSCA organic fertilizer, it enables to create the ideal circulation that can produce high-quality crops with even higher probability than before, and the soil environment suitable for the cultivation of crops can be maintained continuously.

In collaboration with Miyazaki University, we cultivated 20 radishes using MUSCA organic fertilizer, and as a result of the experiment, we found that the the it became bigger in size and riper than when using ordinary organic fertilizers.

While the crops with the use of ordinary fertilier remained on the range of 2.0 to 2.5 in in the amount of sugar content, MUSCA cultivation was surprisingly 4.0, which was nearly twice as high. (Reference 1)
With cucumber, using MUSCA fertilizer proved better rooting and growth speed faster. (Document 2)

Main Effects

  • Soil Improvement
  • Growth Acceleration of crops
  • Reduction in Disease and Pest Occurrence
  • Growth Promotion in root
  • Maintenance of freshness
  • Rise in sugar content, vitamin level, etc.
  • Antimicrobial Effect

MUSCA feed

The development of MUSCA feed is of great significance not only to livestock and fishery, but also to aquaculture in particular.

Due to the BSE, people began to avoid using meat and bone meal that have been ever used as a protein source of livestock for long, and alternatively use fish meal nowadays. Therefore, in recent years, the demand for fish meal has been tremendously increasing as the worldwide catch of sardines, the main ingredient of fish meal, has been decreasing. The price has consequently been rising at present for these reasons.

However, MUSCA feed can be used as a new alternative raw material for fish meal. In collaboration with Ehime University, when Maddy's Bait was fed with MUSCA feed, there was a clear difference in body color as compared to the case where ordinary fish meal was given. (Reference 3)
Another experiment showed that by using MUSCA feed for red sea bream, a 40% increase in body effect was confirmed. (Document 4)

Main Effects

Collaborative research with universities and research institutes

The results of joint experiments with Miyazaki University and Ehime University markedly showed the effect of the MUSCA product.

Collaborative research with Miyazaki University

(Document 1)

Top is MUSCA cultivation, bottom is general cultivation. When cultivating radish 20 days using MUSCA organic fertilizer, the tightness of the body was good and the grains were aligned as compared with the case where general fertilizer was used. The sugar content also showed about twice the difference.

(Document 2-1)

Left is MUSCA cultivation, right is general cultivation. By using MUSCA organic fertilizer, it became clear that cucumber grows several times faster than general one.

(Document 2-2)

Right is MUSCA cultivation, left is general cultivation. An interesting difference was also seen in the condition of roots. It can be seen that those of MUSCA cultivation have longer roots and are spread over a wide range.

Collaborative research with Ehime University

(Document 3)

MUSCA cultured fish on top, general aquacultured fish under. Red sea bream cultivated using MUSCA feed generally became more vivid with body color than things.

(Document 4)

Top farmed fish, bottom is MUSCA cultured fish. It was surprising that the augmentation effect of 40% can be seen by feeding the red sea bream with MUSCA feed and culturing it.

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