Joining Team MUSCA

We seek passionate and energetic teammates with a vision to transform our world, for future generations.

Career Types

Research and Development

Scope of work

Development of technology for organic waste treatment and production of useful substances using the housefly, through the following:
・ Utilization of existing academic knowledge, and generation of new knowledge through research and analysis
・Building a network with domestic and foreign experts
・Planning and execution of demonstration experiments and projects towards practical implementation in society

Skills and Qualification

【Degree / Experience Requirements】
・Bachelor in fields related to MUSCA’s business fields, such as biology, chemistry, agriculture, and engineering (or equivalent knowledge acquired through practical experience).
・Experience leading and managing an annual project involving internal and external members (more than 10 people).
・Work experience in more than one field within waste treatment, environmental business, feed and fertilizer.
・Experience combining existing knowledge to generate new knowledge and utilizing it for work, or planning and executing new projects.

【Key Competency Requirements】
・English language skills (business level: conversation, presentation, writing documents, reading academic documents and more)
・An individual with deep passion and commitment to MUSCA’s vision of forming a sustainable society and solving food problems, and who possesses a strong desire to realize it with his/her own hands.
・Knowledge about data analysis/statistics and the ability to make full use of them to generate insights that contribute to research and business.

【Desirable Qualities】
・Molecular biology background (Master’s degree or higher (Doctor’s degree or higher is most desirable))
・Knowledge about Applied Entomology
・Practical experience in management strategy consulting, corporate planning etc. (3 years or more)
・Experience involved in new product planning, development, marketing, etc.
・Work experience at a venture company (entrepreneurial experience even more desirable)
・The ability to draft and execute R&D strategy at corporate strategy level
・Promote operations while skillfully maintaining smooth communication with stakeholders from different backgrounds (management, other teams within the company, external partners, etc.)
・Comprehensive knowledge on environmental issues such as material circulation, greenhouse gas emissions, and utilization of biomass
・Overseas work experience

【Message from MUSCA to Our Career Candidates】
Join our passionate team at the dawn of a new global insect tech industry, to create a sustainable society and resolve food problems with innovative housefly technology. We look forward to getting to know you.

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